The following chart is an estimate of woolies sizes and corresponding age and weight they may fit. Keep in mind that they are just general guidelines. All babies are shaped very differently, so I suggest measuring to ensure best fit. For instance, a very chubby 4 month old baby might weigh as much as a skinny 12 month baby, but they will require very different sizes. See below for detailed instructions for taking your little chickadee's measurements.

Sizing Chart
Size Age* Weight* Waist Rise Full Inseam Foot
XS Newborn 6-10lb 13-22"14"5-6"3-4"
S 0-9 Months 10-15lb 14-23"16"7-8"3-4"
M9-18 Months15-25lb15-24"18"9-10"4-5"
L18 Months - 2 Toddler25-35lb16-25"20"11-12"5-6"
XL3 & 4 Toddler+35lb17-26"22"13-14"6-7"

Measuring Instructions

If you vaguely know that rise and inseam are terms used for measuring clothing, but aren't quite sure how to use them, then this next section is for you! Knowing your little chickadee's measurements will ensure you can choose woolies you can get the most use out of.

All measurements should be taken with the largest, thickest diaper that will be worn under the woolies.
If you don't have a sewing measuring tape, use a piece of string and then measure it with a ruler.
Have someone help you hold your little chickadee while you measure. It will be much less stressful!

Rise is the measurement from the top of the woolies at the front waistline, all the way between the legs to the top of the back waistline. Having a rise that is large enough is very important or else the top of the cloth diaper will not be covered and there will be leaking issues. To measure the approximate rise you will need, take your measurement from the front top of the diaper, through the legs to the back top edge of the diaper.

Inseam is the measurement of the inner seam that runs down the leg from between the legs to the bottom of the ankle or footie. I suggest buying longies with a bit longer inseam than you need to get the most wear as the legs can always be cuffed up until grown into. Footies should be bought with an inseam as close as possible to your measured inseam so your little chickadee's feet stay in the anti-slip soled feet. To measure your chickadee's inseam, measure from inside the leg where the diaper and inner thigh meet, to the bottom of the foot.

Waist measurement consists of two numbers; the circumference of the waist unstretched and fully stretched. A quick and easy way to figure out what waist size you need, is just to measure a pair of your little chickadee's regular pants with an all elastic waist. Lay the pants flat on a counter, measure the waist straight across and double it for the approximate unstretched size you need for your woolies.

Foot Length
Foot Length measurement is fairly self-explanatory. Measure the length of your little chickadee's foot at the longest point. Choose footies with foot length range that covers that size or greater.